Athletics Hall of Fame Nomination Form

The University of the Sciences (USciences) Athletic Department values the dedication and service of the student-athletes, coaches, and administrators.  The USciences Athletic Hall of Fame serves to honor those who have brought forward distinction and/or made exceptional contributions to the overall development, success, and prestige of the University of the Sciences Department of Athletics. 

The individuals who represent the USciences Athletic Hall of Fame displayed integrity, commitment, and sportsmanship throughout their collegiate careers.  Furthermore, their accomplishments have helped the athletic department achieve success on and off the playing surface. 

 The USciences Athletic Hall of Fame would like to ask you to complete the electronic form below with the name of a candidate for consideration into the Hall of Fame. 

The names and associated information will be added to the general nomination ballot committee members vote on.  All nominations must be submitted by September 1 st to be considered in that year’s nomination process.  Any submissions after September 1 st will roll over into the followingyear. 

Eligibility Rules for Nomination:

  1. Eligibility shall not begin until eight (8) years after a student-athlete has graduated with a bachelor’s degree from USciences.    
  2. Any USciences alumnus who has earned a letter in any varsity sport(s) or has achieved superior accomplishments is eligible for nomination.
  3. Induction into the University of the Sciences Athletic Hall of Fame shall be bestowed upon a person who has graduated from the university with appropriate certificates or degrees in course and while an undergraduate at the University was distinguished by having demonstrated exceptional athletic ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character and/or substantial contributions to the team on which they played.
  4. Nominations may include individuals that did not qualify as alumni or athletes, but has made a significant achievement to the USciences Athletic Program (coaches, administrators, etc.)

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