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CACC Inspiring Courses: Eric Stratoti

Graphic Credit: CACC
Graphic Credit: CACC

As part of the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference's (CACC) "Inspiring Courses" series, student-athletes throughout the league were asked about the class that had the biggest impact on their academic career.

Here is what University of the Sciences senior baseball player Eric Stratoti had to say:

"The class that had the biggest impact on my academic career had to be Anatomy during the fall semester of my sophomore year. This class had no effect on me picking a major, nor was it one that was very significant to my major, but it is still a class that I will never forget. I received the worst grade of my academic career in the class. Instead of negatively affecting me, the grade got me motivated and focused for the semesters to come, because I knew I never wanted that grade again. Ever since Anatomy, I have not come anywhere close to receiving the grade I received in that class. I use the grade in Anatomy as an example for younger teammates, especially those in my major, to show them that one grade does not define your academic career."