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All Five USciences Doubles Pairs Win on First Day of ITA Regionals; Linder Wins Twice in Singles Play

All Five USciences Doubles Pairs Win on First Day of ITA Regionals; Linder Wins Twice in Singles Play

FLUSHING, N.Y. – All five University of the Sciences doubles teams to compete on Friday were victorious, while Elkanah Linder won twice to advance to the main draw, as the Devils opened play at the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) East Regionals at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

Three USciences men pairs and two women pairs won their Round of 64 matchups to advance to the Round of 32.

On the men's side, Chandat Phan and Bill Bentley and Sahas Chandragiri and Rakesh Chamala held off their respective opponents from Post and Roberts Wesleyan by identical 8-6 scores. 15th-seeded Nathan Nguyen and Borna Novak picked up an 8-5 win over a duo from Jefferson. 

For the women, eighth-seeded Karla Miletic and Abbygail Gamarnik were victorious by an 8-5 score over Post, while Elkanah Linder and Danielle Paran defeated Bentley 8-4.

Linder's two wins in the qualifying rounds of singles play meant she advanced to the Round of 64 in the main draw. She picked up victories over competitors from Wilmington and Molloy by identical scores of 8-2.

She was the only Devil to win in singles play, with Chandragiri coming the closest in a heartbreaking tiebreaker loss (8-9 (3)) to the 23rd-seeded qualifier from Roberts Wesleyan.

Miletic is also still alive in singles play as she received a bye into the Round of 32 as the No. 2 seed.

The ITA Northeast Regionals continue on Saturday.

USciences Men's Singles Results

Q1. Roberto Chong (FP) def. (Q26) Borna Novak 8-2

Q1. (Q22) Oskar Haedicke (Jefferson) def. Chandat Phan 8-5

Q1. (Q23) Dennis Barlotta (RWC) def. Sahas Chandragiri 9-8(3)

Q1. (Q25) Alex Fedorov (Merrimack) def. Rakesh Chamala 8-0

Q1. Nick Engelman (Post) def. Bill Bentley 8-0

Q2. Hallam Doney (LeMoyne) def. (Q8) Nathan Nguyen 8-4

USciences Men's Doubles Results

64. Chandat Phan/Bill Bentley def. Cole Nelson/Steve Woodfield (Post) 8-6

64. Sahas Chandragiri/Rakesh Chamala def. Andrew Freeman/Harmeet Luthra (RWC) 8-6

64. (15) Nathan Nguyen/Borna Novak def. Jacobo Atri/Joseph Sison (Jefferson) 8-5

USciences Women's Singles Results

Q1. Elkanah Linder def. Laura Gil (WILM) 8-2

Q1. Marousia Bosch (RWC) def. Abbygail Gamarnik 8-1

Q1. Paula Avellan (UDC) def. Danielle Paran 8-1

Q2. Elkanah Linder def. Montaine LeGupil-Maier (Molloy) 8-2

Q2. Annika Janson (Post) def. Julia James 8-0

USciences Women's Doubles Results

64. Elkanah Linder/Danielle Paran def. Tiffany Suchanek/Corrie Maclean (Bentley) 8-4

64. (8) Karla Miletic/Abbygail Gamarnik def. Annika Janson/Jessica Bergen (Post) 8-5