Wei Lin is honored as the MAC Air Rifle Shooter for December

Wei Lin is honored as the MAC Air Rifle Shooter for December

Philadelphia - The MAC Air Rifle Shooter for December is Wei (Nick) Lin of the University of the Sciences. Currently Nick is in his 4th year as a Doctorate of Pharmacy student-athlete. His third year (first year of competition) he "paid his dues" as the most inexperienced shooter, but never missed an opportunity to compete. In fact he was named to the MAC All-Rookie Team that year.

During the 2014-2015 season Nick had been improving with each match yet never quite reaching that "magical" 500 mark. This year Nick came back refreshed and determined to lead his fellow classmates. In the month of November he shot a personal best 507 Nov 14th at home vs. MIT and followed that with another personal best 509 on Nov 21st at home vs. VMI.

Currently he is averaging just shy of the 500 mark after 6 shoulder-to shoulder matches. Nick has a very lighthearted and jovial attitude and you would think it too much so. However, don't underestimate Nick as his competiveness is fierce and has helped drive his teammates to new heights making for a stronger team.

Coach Dr. Pete Dalidowicz is not surprised with his progress. "Nick maybe the team prankster, but once he's on the clock he works hard for every hold and every shot. It's always fun to watch young shooters when the light bulb goes on and they see the pay back for their hard work and see their scores elevate."

Nick, a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, is the recipient of the L & V Rudolph Scholarship, USciences Merit Scholarship and is a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) Honor Society, APO National Service Fraternity, APhA Academy of Student Pharmacists Student and Manager of USciences Athletic Recreation Center. When not on the range Nick likes to decompress with video games and tennis.