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CACC Inspiring Courses: Brooke Chisholm

Graphic Credit: CACC
Graphic Credit: CACC

As part of the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference's (CACC) "Inspiring Courses" series, student-athletes throughout the league were asked about the class that had the biggest impact on their academic career.

Here is what University of the Sciences senior softball player Brooke Chisholm had to say:

"The class that had the biggest impact on my academic career was Human Anatomy. Every physical therapy student takes this class as he or she transitions from the undergraduate portion of their academic career to the graduate level. For eight weeks last summer, I spent every day in the cadaver lab learning about the human body from incredible physical therapy professors and skilled teaching assistants. Anatomy is the essential building block to all of the skills and information we learn throughout the physical therapy program, and those in charge of our instruction emphasized this every day. For those eight weeks, my whole life consisted of learning and studying the human body, down to the smallest detail. Even on days I was frustrated by the thousands of notecards I needed to study, I was amazed by the intricate and precise ways the human body is built and the way it functions. I am extremely grateful to the people who donated their bodies to science and made it possible for me to learn human anatomy, so that in a few years I will have the essential knowledge needed to be a physical therapist that has the capability to help people heal."