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CACC Inspiring Courses: Jillyan Serrano

Graphic Credit: CACC
Graphic Credit: CACC

As part of the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference's (CACC) "Inspiring Courses" series, student-athletes throughout the league were asked about the class that had the biggest impact on their academic career.

Here is what University of the Sciences junior women's tennis player Jillyan Serrano had to say:

"A class I have taken at University of the Sciences that had a big impact on my career plans in pharmacy was Clinical Pharmacy Skills. This was a class within my major that helped me further my knowledge in a pharmacy-based career. In this class we were able to learn about the Top 300 Drugs, as well as medical terminology/acronyms and how to write professional medical papers. I especially enjoyed this class because of the hands-on experience during our recitation class times. In the lab we got to work on our social skills towards patients and other professional personnel, as well as practical medical procedures such as taking a person's blood pressure properly. I know that I will be able to use the skills I learned in this class in my future career plans in pharmacy and beyond."