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CACC Live By It: Bridget Houghton

CACC Live By It: Bridget Houghton

As part of the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference's (CACC) "Live by It" series, student-athletes throughout the league are asked about the best piece of advice they have ever received and how they apply it on a daily basis. 

Here is what University of the Sciences women's cross country senior Bridget Houghton had to say:

"It's All a Test of Endurance; What Matters is that You're Happy and Confident in What You Do"

My dad has always helped me to view my struggles in life as part of an endurance test. When faced with challenges on and off the field, I take a moment to reflect and consider the "why" am I here? Ultimately, what I set out to accomplish is what makes me happy. This helps me to find the confidence to pursue all the possibilities of any given situation. It's the type of endurance that when I look back, I can say that I turned something difficult into something successful.