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USciences Athletics Honored as Part of NCAA’s Presidents’ Award for Academic Excellence Program

USciences Athletics Honored as Part of NCAA’s Presidents’ Award for Academic Excellence Program

NCAA Release

INDIANAPOLIS – University of the Sciences was one of 32 NCAA Division II member schools honored as part of the Presidents' Award for Academic Excellence program for achieving four-year Academic Success Rates (ASR) of 90 percent or higher.

USciences' ASR of 97, released by the NCAA last week, was tied for the fourth-highest in all of Division II, trailing just three schools who tied for first at 98.

University of the Sciences has now been in the top-six of the Division II ASR in each of the 11 years it has been featured on the report, and has also had the highest ASR of all schools in the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (CACC) in each of those 11 years.  

"Division II operates with a 'Life in the Balance' approach, emphasizing learning, growth and development through academics, athletics, community engagement, and post-graduation success," said Glen Jones, president of Henderson State and chair of the Division II Presidents Council. "Academics is a key component of this balance, and I am proud of the commitment our schools have made to this philosophy and the magnificent achievements of our student-athletes."

The Academic Success Rate is the percentage of student-athletes who graduate within six years of initial collegiate enrollment and includes virtually all Division II student-athletes, including transfers and those not receiving athletics scholarships.

The Division II ASR captures about 48 percent more student-athletes than the federal graduation rate. Unlike the federal rate, the ASR counts nonscholarship student-athletes and those who transfer to a school after initial enrollment elsewhere, while removing student-athletes who leave school while academically eligible. Nationally, the ASR is 72 percent for Division II student-athletes who entered college from 2007 through 2010, an increase of 1 percentage point from the 2006-09 groups.

Division II student-athletes continue to graduate at a higher rate than the general student body. The federal rate for the 2010 entering class of student-athletes held steady at 56 percent, compared with 50 percent for the general student body.