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Academics Outside the Classroom: Women’s Basketball’s Brigit Coleman

Academics Outside the Classroom: Women’s Basketball’s Brigit Coleman

The Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (CACC) partners with its 14 schools to highlight the league's student-athletes through a feature series twice a year. 

The feature series for Spring 2019 was "Academics Outside the Classroom," which had student-athletes answer the following questions:

  • What did you study outside of the classroom that has helped progress you to your degree?
  • What did you learn during your time and how did it impact your academic career?

Here is what women's basketball redshirt-sophomore Brigit Coleman had to say:

"Last summer, I had the opportunity to go on a medical brigade in San Antonio de Oriente, Honduras. During this medical brigade, I was able to work in a medical clinic in the town alongside many Honduran women doctors. This experience gave me the opportunity to shadow skilled doctors of different practices and learn about the different cultures and lifestyles of Honduras. Working in the medical clinic not only allowed me to gain experience for my future in the healthcare field, but it also taught me valuable lessons about making the most of what you have. The medical clinic I worked at took place in the town school where there was no medical equipment that the doctors could access. Despite this, the doctors used the best of their abilities to treat patients as best they could with what they had. Witnessing this permitted me to replicate this in my own academics by always using my time and resources effectively. Listening to the doctors explain everything they were doing and what was wrong with the patient made me even more excited to become a doctor one day, and it made me want to learn more. This experience propelled me to work as hard as I can in school in order to gain enough knowledge to one day help those in need."